Every 29 days there is a magical night – when there is no moon – and all things are quiet and still. This is the night that we go out camping and ask for what we want in the darkness.


We are connected to everything – the elements, the circulating air, the oscillating magnetic poles, and the swirling energy within us.

Now more than ever in the history of Western civilization, we have lost our inherent connectedness to one another, to nature, to the greater universe, and to ourselves.

This is why I started No Moon Expeditions.

The ‘No Moon,’ or what modern-day astronomers term the ‘New Moon,’ is the first day of the month in many ancient calendars. The pre-Columbian Maya called it the invisible moon, saying the moon had gone to the well or to the lake to replenish itself.

The night of the No Moon is dark. On this night, you see things not visible at other times. You see the world differently.  You get to peer into the darkness and ask it what do you desire more than anything else in life. On No Moon Expeditions, we explore this question, and then we speak it inwardly, outwardly, and share it in council with others around a campfire. It is an auspicious time – a night of sacred prayer – when the earth, moon, and sun are in rough alignment. This celestial alignment is both a reminder, and an invitation, for each one of us to realign our bodies, minds, and spirits; to live the fullest life possible.

Those who harmoniously harness the moon’s phases, like farmers or fishermen, understand their bounties increase during the waxing moon. Likewise, each of us has the same power to increase harmony and abundance in our own lives.

Every 29 days, No Moon Expeditions takes up to a dozen people on a journey into the wilderness to peer outwardly, look inwardly, and call to our selves what we wish for in the coming weeks.

Together we will share a sacred space and magnify the power of our intentions, energetically creating a web of support for those in our circle and beyond.


“All things are connected like the blood which unites one’s family.” -Chief Seattle